Oh! Deer!

We were driving by Qualicum Beach early one morning during our camping trip on Vancouver Island, when we spotted these deer right on the beach! I quickly parked and grabbed my camera was able to get some nice shots. The mom and girls made a wonderful contrast with the deer! I’m not sure if this just normal to the locals to have these tame deer to go for stroll by the ocean. They soon bounded off though – across a busy street, with vehicles stopped in a big line to let them spring daintily across the road as if they owned the place. Quite an experience!

Butterfly World

I finally got a chance to visit Butterfly World in Combs, Vancouver Island, BC. I don’t have a macro lens yet, so I did what I could with my 28-280 zoom. I’m pretty happy with the results. I’m not even going to try to name these beautiful delicate creatures.

IM-1 … Classic!
IM-2 … This girl had a pet which stayed on her hand as she walked around …
IM-3 … Could have used a bit more depth of focus with this one …
IM-4 … This one just wouldn’t stay still …
IM-5 .. Quite a nose ring! …
IM-6 … My Favourite!
IM-7 … Not prone to much make-up …
IM-8 … Tiger Tail?
IM-9 … Monochrome Beauty …