Our Family

I’m starting the New Year off by celebrating our wonderful family which represent the most important people in our life. I created a  make-shift studio in our bedroom on Christmas day. There are 5 adult children + 4 adult children-in-laws + 2 grandchildren.  We are very thankful to God for each and every one of these… Continue Reading →

Our Snow Dog!

Meet Bear, our recent family addition who keeps us physically active. Here he is with my wife in a snow-storm we are having right now in Vancouver, British Columbia. This is our first snowfall this winter – a little unusual!

Otter on Dock

Early one morning, I went down to this dock and saw a little family of otters swimming towards the dock. This guy was curious enough to get on board to check for any goodies, while the rest of them hid under the dock. I was quite far way, so even with a zoom I had… Continue Reading →

Mango Buddies

I recently had a bunch of guys over for a “Manly Movie Nite” (invented by friend Aaron) to watch a wonderful film on Netflix entitled” Pele” I encourage you all to watch it! Then you’ll understand why I purchased these to give to each guy when they left. Unfortunately, I kept them hiding in a cool place and forgot… Continue Reading →

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