Hi I am Michael, experiencing a crazy life in Surrey, BC, Canada. I love photographing all sorts of stuff and sharing photos with curious folks who appreciate how light, colour and composition can create some sweet  images …

Clicking on the Menu directs you to my Blog Photo Collection and Contact Info. My goal is to add a few interesting photos each week.  Comments are very welcome!

Here are some questions you might consider as you view a particular image;
Does it surprise you?  Do you feel peace, restlessness, hilarity, sadness, deepness?   Does it make you want to “be there”?  Is it “touchable”?
Is it visually interesting? Allowing your imagination to run free.                                       Does it inspire you to take similar photos?  What would be a good caption?

I look forward to sharing my images with you and will happily respond to your comments, questions, observations or funny thoughts …