Hummingbird Feeder

I’ve been wanting to try photographing hummingbirds for quite some time. I finally got the opportunity while we were staying at a local B+B. No idea what this one is named.

Whiskey Jack Portraits

These energetic little birds can be found in the alpine regions of Southwest British Columbia. But you never have to search for them … just sit and take out your lunch and several will appear like magic and aggressively seek any food you wish to spare!

Couple of Quacks

“Show me your stuff Mister Duck!”
“What?? That’s all ya got?”
“Yikes! That’s just weird!”
“How about we just go cruising?”

Duck Waves

Here is the Common Merganser Duck making some waves. I have no idea why this bird has such a weird name – maybe named after some famous duck enthusiast. I enjoy capturing the environmental water colours and textures as much as various waterfowl.

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