Couple of Quacks

“Show me your stuff Mister Duck!”
“What?? That’s all ya got?”
“Yikes! That’s just weird!”
“How about we just go cruising?”

Green Timbers Urban Park

This beautiful park situated in the heart of Surrey, British Columbia is just minutes from our place. A great place for a stroll around the picturesque lake. The first 3 photos show that a busy beaver has been at work – but I’ve yet to see one.

Duck Waves

Here is the Common Merganser Duck making some waves. I have no idea why this bird has such a weird name – maybe named after some famous duck enthusiast. I enjoy capturing the environmental water colours and textures as much as various waterfowl.

Parking Lot Reflections

I drive past this playground parking lot almost daily, but have never seen it flooded. So when I drove by late one afternoon after a very heavy rain, I was intrigued by the chainlink reflections and the sweet lighting. I took these shots within a few minutes – interesting how different angles and viewpoints create different images.


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