Running to the Ocean

I’m not really satisfied with my caption. Was going to do “Footprints in the Sand” but that is stating the obvious. Maybe “Three Steps to Freedom”? Any ideas?

Return to Man-Cave

I took this shot of my friend entering one of the Othello Tunnels. He actually does have a “Man-Cave” in his basement, so I thought this would amuse him. I got to play around with some filter effects to give some it some impact.

Pointing to the Past

I took this shot of my friend at the Othello Tunnels near Hope, British Columbia. Here’s a bit of background history … The tunnels were built by the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1914, who also helped in the construction of the cross-Canada railway that was meant to link the Kootenays with the South Coast of BC. In 1914, they contained one of the most expensive railway miles in the world, at $300,000.

Back in the early 1900s, the Canadian Pacific Railway wanted a rail line linking the Kootenay region with the coast. This railway line was built over three mountain ranges in the Coquihalla Gorge, passing through five tunnels and over several bridges – known as the Othello Tunnels.

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