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Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by getting an extra scoop? For me it’s one of the small joys of life. Especially when the price of a single scoop is $3.00 – those ice cream vendors must make a fortune! The only time I actually walked away from getting a single scoop of “rocky road” was when the vendor told me it costs $4.75. Yikes! I’m curious – what’s your favourite flavor?




8 thoughts on “Scoops!

  1. I bought gelato at least 15 of the 24 days I was in Europe and never got extra scoops, no fare, but I must say it was cheaper in Europe than it is here. (except in the big cities it was more money)

    You could get 2 flavours for 2 Euro’s (or $3.00 CAD) and it was amazing gelato.

    My favourite flavour is Dark Chocolate!


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