Mango Buddies

Fine Art-Other, Food


I recently had a bunch of guys over for a “Manly Movie Nite” (invented by friend Aaron) to watch a wonderful film on Netflix entitled” Pele” I encourage you all to watch it! Then you’ll understand why I purchased these to give to each guy when they left. Unfortunately, I kept them hiding in a cool place and forgot to hand them out. I watched every man-go before I realized it. Oh well. Every guy loved the movie. Good for family viewing too! Note – I photographed these mango buddies as they came in the box – no rearranging for better composition.


2 thoughts on “Mango Buddies

  1. What a wonderful Christmas sight in winter. Green and red fresh mangos! I love mangos, probably has to do with the fact that we ate them often when I was a child.


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