Our Family

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I’m starting the New Year off by celebrating our wonderful family which represent the most important people in our life. I created a  make-shift studio in our bedroom on Christmas day. There are 5 adult children + 4 adult children-in-laws + 2 grandchildren.  We are very thankful to God for each and every one of these fine folks!



18 thoughts on “Our Family

  1. Golly, M Hoffman. You are still the greatest for being able to see the real true beauty of our world. It just shines through each shot —- Goose bumps and all. Rosemary

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    1. Thankyou Judy – I set up a makeshift studio in our bedroom last Christmas. Probably do it again every 2 years. Our first grand-daughter was added to the collection a few months ago and by next Christmas our final bachelor kid should be married. Then we will experience the joys and sorrows of empty-nesting!

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      1. That is such a good idea. At first I thought your family was all sons and trying to match up the photos of man and wife with the one of you and the sons..and all the faces didn’t match. Then when I read that the mommies were your daughters, it all made sense.

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