35th Anniversary

Family, Fun

Celebrating Our 35th Anniversary this week … booked a cruise ship (bc ferries) to an exotic destination (vancouver island) and lounging in a cozy cabin (2 bedroom house) on a secluded beach (probably not secluded) with a nice fireplace (true). We may never return! So I’ll be taking a break from posting and responding to your posts until Tuesday.



16 thoughts on “35th Anniversary

      1. Bali Dream is my undercover name. My blog is all about my travels to Indonesia and the nearby islands. All about my purchasing special furniture. And sometimes about my personal live. I have been travelling to those areas 34 times, so my ‘audience’ loves to hear all about it.


  1. WOW, 35 years…congratulations to the both of you! Please give our best to your wonderful wife from Shannon & I. BTW, you guys are looking great…nice hair…but please put some clothes on!!!

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  2. Happy Anniversary Brother!!! I was given trolls before as a gift… they say its goodluck when you are given a troll doll… So, good luck to you and your better half! More and more anniversaries to come!

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