Odd Stuff-Sooke(7)

Contrasts, Driftwood, Fine Art-Nature, Fun, Machines, Nature-Flora, Ocean, Water

ODD STUFF – On and around Corinne’s property.


“Chill Time”


“Lonesome Feeder”


“Join the Group or be a Stone Alone”


“Old Man’s Beard (or Armpit Hairs?)”


“Rusty Rails”


“Excalibur Lake”


“Prepare for the Bonfire!”


Still “Life”


“Lost Track of Time”


“Very Wet Wood c/w Puddle”


Why does this have brand new tires??


6 thoughts on “Odd Stuff-Sooke(7)

  1. Unique perspective and inspirational annotations!! Love the LAKE and PUDDLE,along with feeder are play the stone game, due to Lost Track of Time they all got bearded. But they still always see new life in their eyes because their ancient car got new TIRES. Thanks for sharing!! awesome works.

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    1. Haha – I’ve seen some very nice photos that you have taken! But I cheat and fine-tune them with photo-editing software. haha Thankyou so much for your continueing encouragement and I am also enjoying your blog.

      Liked by 1 person

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