11 thoughts on “Bride’s Men?

    1. Haha – those ruffly shirts are awesome! I photographed about a dozen weddings in those days, was fun and challenging, but it just got too stressful. However, it helped discipline my composition, technical and people skills. I also found that it is true that wedding photography may require skills in several areas – photojournalism, natural+studio portraiture (individual + group), still life, architectural, street photography, landscape. I really enjoyed meeting with the couple before, during and then after the wedding – to present them with a professional quality album of their wedding memories.


    1. So true! Although, now wedding photographers have a huge advantage with digital imaging and instant feedback as well as tuning up the images with editing software. But I do love digital b/c of all that too.

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  1. I started photographing wedding in the late 1970s. In the beginning I would get talked into ’em or I needed money to buy some kind of photo accessory. But in spite of trying to stay away I eventually drove in head first. I sold my Hasselblad and I began using a DSLR in 2001.
    I remember a friend calling the time when we used film for weddings, “Those days of click and pray.”

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    1. Click and Pray – haha. You were a brave dude in those heady days! I vividly remember some technical issues – like when I shot a roll of Vericolour II … 36, 37,38, 39, 40 exposures! Then the realization that the film had not been winding!! I quickly learned to leave the winding handle out while cranking though the first couple frames to help verify the film was actually moving. I’m sure you have many interesting wedding stories tucked away in your photographic memories.

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      1. Ha..I did the same thing as you when winding. I don’t miss film.
        And yes I have some wedding stories…and Don’t miss shooting weddings or all those camera-for-hire days. I retired from that stuff and refuse to work as a photographer. I sell Photo equipment and teach lighting/studio classes but thats it.

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        1. I don’t miss film either, John – every click on Kodachrome cost me 50 cents! I really enjoy post-processing my images to fine-tune them to something I like. I’ll definitely have to pay you a visit if I’m in the Kamloops area this summer. I’ll give you a heads up then.

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