18 thoughts on “Eyeball to Eyeball

    1. Thanks Domnuio – I was actually ready to video record the chickadees (my previous post) when I discovered this bold rabbit close by in full daylight. I was about to get down on my stomach to get a shot looking up at him (her?) but then he scampered away.


      1. Well. I don’t know how I managed to find so many followers – it just happened after a couple of years of blogging.
        I’m not a professional photographer – my real job I’d only disclose in in private message.

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        1. Due to your outstanding images you have become a “follower-magnet”
          I understand why you’d like your real job to be confidential – I’m not that snoopy! Really. FYI – I am a facilities manager for a Christian school. It keeps me amused.

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          1. Thank you for the compliments.
            Well, I just keep my real life separated from rabirius. But if you have Facebook you can find me as rabiri us – then I could send you a private message.


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