36 thoughts on “Highway at Dusk

        1. Yes, probably half my images are from my Samsung 5 – it has 16mps and really good for closeups – but I never ever use zoom. And always tune it up with post-processing. But you’re right – the downside is I can’t make a huge print of a really good shot – but I haven’t got into making any enlargements of any of my images yet.

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          1. I have just gotten back into photography recently – so at some point I hope to make some large prints for homes, offices, exhibitions – but so many variables to consider – size, mounting + framing options, paper etc. plus I’m not sure what I want themes I will focus on. I’d like to know your preferences for displaying your exhibition prints.


          2. Well. I had my photos printed on metal. It has a certain shininess that is not too strong. Size depends on what it is for and the motive.
            As for themes: I started with an exhibition of cityscapes and I usually had something city-like so I could show the prints I didn’t sell again.
            But on my blog I just see where the journey takes me.

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