Weeds to Seeds

Fun, Nature-Flora

This reminds me of when my mother used to make dandelion wine when I was young. But I never tasted it. She used to knit “poodle” covers for the bottles to give away as gifts to friends. Have you ever made or tasted dandelion wine?














23 thoughts on “Weeds to Seeds

  1. Wildflowers Living Gems
    Weeds to seeds
    Weeds no wildflowers
    Wildflowers herbs
    Wildflowers foxglove
    Foxglove digitalis digitalis
    Foxglove life saver
    Saver of the heart
    Saver of life
    Life of humans
    Life help
    Help of many wildflowers
    Help of many herbs
    Herbs rosemary
    Herbs mint
    Mint lemon balm
    Mint with lamb
    Lamb roasted
    Lamb tasty
    Tasty sheeps sorrel
    Tasty meadow snack
    Snack be wary
    Snack maybe deadly
    Deadly poison
    Deadly wildflowers
    Wildflowers deadly nightshade
    Wildflowers daisies
    Daisies forming chains
    Daisies picked
    Picked form bunches
    Picked bouquets
    Bouquets whole fields
    Bouquets presented
    Presented to farmers
    Presented to those who nurture
    Nurture livestock
    Nurture meadows
    Meadows full of life
    Meadows buzzing
    Buzzing bee’s
    Buzzing seeking nectar
    Nectar sustenance
    Nectar sweet
    Sweet pea wild
    Sweet pea flower
    Flower blooms
    Flower natures gems
    Gems from white to red
    Gems red roses
    Inspired by Michael Hoffmann Photography

    Many thanks, loved your photos, got me a good one today, a pair of frogs, posting soon.

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