5 thoughts on “Trombone Quartet

  1. Only yesterday I discovered the ‘effect’ button on my Samsung phone. So needless to say, I am constantly zooming in on things whilst playing with Vintage, Vignette, Tint, Cartoon… You should know all nine options. Driving Bertus crazy.

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    1. Lots of fun! I had to create my own effect for this shot – there are multiple adjustments to create this image. The phone or camera preset software is fun at first but then I usually cannot fine-tune it for the exact image I am seeking.

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    2. I have a Samsung 5 phone and am very pleased with it – especially closeup nature shots … but never use the zoom feature – very poor quality results. And poor Bertus! My wife feels similarly when I bring my camera along on an outing. So I purposely have photo/camera-free dates with her.

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