11 thoughts on “WebCam

      1. Just watched it now. Such a crafter! It’s so unique how they build. I have a spider named Freda outside my back door, haha. It’s a crabspider. Kills the flies. No webs though, but still fun to watch her walk around.

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        1. Haha – I like the name Freda! I have an uncle who loved animals and wildlife. My mom said that he wouldn’t even kill a spider – so even now I will rescue a spider from our home and relocate it outside. I don’t have a problem with spiders – but I never touch snakes!

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          1. Haha. Sounds good! I save spiders as well! Though… I tend to only kill black widows. They are overpopulated here. I actually called the spider Freddy at first, until I found out it was a female.

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          2. Yikes! We have no black widows here in Southern British Columbia. Are you in Australia? I’m sure Freda was relieved about the name change. BTW – I’ve check out your cool web site – I enjoy reading – but not really Sci-Fi or Fantasy and not much for on-line reading – you must have a vivid imagination alright!


          3. Thanks for the awesome complimemt! It’s alright I understand! My genre taste comes from being a gamer, haha. I live in California at the moment! Haven’t seen too many black widows lately, but I have seen a large increase in Prey mantis. Perhaps they are slaying them all? Haha.

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          4. I have seen some great photos of Praying Mantis from some photographers. Have you managed to take some photos of them or feature them in a Sci-Fi novel? I’d love to get some shots, but we have none available here. Perhaps you could you could ship me a half dozen?


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