21 thoughts on “Winter Jewelry

  1. Beautiful isn’t it Michael – but oh so cold. I’m ready for the return of warmth! I really liked the middle shot which is a nice blend of focus and softness. The plant is still crisp but the snow looks more realistic. A great subject for the test!

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    1. Haha – You are used to the warmth where you reside! I don’t mind cold if it’s sunny out – but Vancouver winter is usually rainy/cloudy/damp – still not used to it though I’ve here all my boring life. I agree with your comments about the middle shot, although I like all 3 for different reasons. Thx for checking in – I know that you have plenty of admirers to keep in touch with!


  2. Beautiful, Michael! I think I like the middle one the best. Looks to me as if the ice and snow are here to stay a while. Ya gotta either learn to play with the white stuff or be miserable. I vouch for play!

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