14 thoughts on “Active Lifestyles

  1. Good to see people out interacting with nature. I think people would do it more here if it weren’t so hostile outside. We’ve gone very quickly from brutal cold to extremely hot and mosquitoey, and I find myself hunkered down inside yet again. 😦

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    1. Yikes! Me not like mosquitos!! Where do you live with such extremes? Thanks for the follow. I’m taking a break from posting photos for a while – re-assessing why am I doing this? However I will pay your site a visit. Thanks Melissa


      1. Haha~ currently I live in northern Illinois which does have its charms but it certainly isn’t the Pacific Northwest. My daughter and I are saving our pennies and hoping we can move to the Puget Sound area within a year or so. I understand the ambivalence about posting, but I sure do like what I’ve seen on your site and hope you will be back.

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