4 thoughts on “Man’s Nature

  1. Great observation of modern life! Did the guy mind you snapping away? I have a mobile (cell) phone and hardly ever have it turned on (if I can remember how) but everyone seems transfixed by them, whatever did we do before their invention, oh that’s right we talked! LoL


    1. Haha! I do use my cell phone a lot for taking snaps – kind of a photo-sketchpad. But these shots I took with from a distance with my 280mm zoom. So he wasn’t aware – but I figger that anyone out in public space is fair game as long as I am sensitive about it. I don’t think he would mind these shots, since he perched himself on a very unique piece of furniture located along in a very touristy area.

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  2. Fun images. The orange chair really pops. The first image could be the start of a larger series … people on their phones … should be easy to find many, many examples! I think it is a shame so many people are addicted to them and social media!

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