10 thoughts on “Our Dog “Bear”

    1. I use an editing suite called Cyberlink PhotoDirector 11. I used the “Savanah” Style Template to first convert the entire image. Then it allows me to adjust the intensity to a more subtle level and then erase the effect on any area – in this case our dog. I love this feature of being able to deselect a portion of the image – it does the same with creating blurred backgrounds. I don’t use the Photoshop CC b/c I didn’t want a subscription-based program. I use Photoshop Essentials 13 sometimes, which has lots of filters/effects – but allows very little fine tuning of them. I chose Cyberlink a few years ago b/c of the high ratings for photoediting software, and am very pleased at how user-friendly it is. What software do you use?

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      1. Thank you, Michael! I am definitely looking into Cyberlink PhotoDirector 11. I do use the Photoshop CC subscription which I honestly love. Yet I don’t think I can get this effect. Hence, I will check your editing program out!

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