20 thoughts on “Seven Bees

      1. Thankyou Mother + Gramma BD! Our family is also very closely knit and so far all is pretty good. But my wife prays a lot and is very sensitive about catching relationship “issues” before they get out of hand.

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  1. Number 1, number 5 – reminds me of a fellow bee’s perspective, except that I think they apparently don’t see colors like we do and number 7 – for it’s dreamy quality.

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    1. I’ve never thought about whether a bee sees colour. I like the honeycomb effect in #5, but I like #7 best. btw … My mother used to keep bees when I was young. She kept very beesy.


      1. Hope you do.. And, btw, I didn’t mean I didn’t like the other experiments.. just that the first one was great and hard to beat. I love to do the same thing, though. I limit myself to what I can do on the photo editing software that came on my Mac. Otherwise I’d get too caught up in it.

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