31 thoughts on “Junco Portraits

    1. Thanks Pete – I put image 1 up first b/c I felt it had a wonderful feel to it and would make folks curious to view the rest. I like the second b/c it gives a nice environmental context for the first – also showing the signs of early Spring.

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    1. Thank-you AnnaMeghan! I was actually going to put that one as the first image. I love the way the bird is framed by the branches. I was standing on the edge of the forest by our high school – taking shots of some plants/trees – when this bold junco swooped down onto a branch closeby, then kept hopping from branch to branch – he must have thought I had some seed available. I should have given him a reward.


    1. Thank-you Ingrid – Quite a compliment coming from a Bird Pro like yourself. I just noticed that you’ve just put up a new post after a long absence from blog-world – I have to set aside some time to study it.

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    1. Thankyou Aspaai – I think he/she was about fly off the branch. I hoped to get a shot “in-flight” but no luck. Btw – Quite an interesting gravatar you’ve chosen for yourself.


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