14 thoughts on “Cycle Circle

    1. Exactly. I just discovered, although it has been around for several years – it accesses our Golden Ears bridge in Langley, British Columbia. I have some shots of the bridge itself for a future blog. How’s that CB Antenna of your working out, John?

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      1. OK, sounds good. You must mean that nutty video where I risked my iPhone to get some not needed info! It’s working great actually. I had a similar antenna previously, this one works just a bit better. It’s a dual band antenna for the 144-148 and 430-450mhz frequency ranges. I’m a licensed Amateur Radio (Ham).

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  1. Once again the kind of photos one can use on your blog as part of a story! Maybe start with the black and white, do a piece about life choices, then show the next pics…Now I am inspired to take on today, thanks Michael. Without you guys exposing the rest of us to amazing photography, people like me will have nothing to write about.

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      1. I do think this was the first time, Michael. I usually wait to see if my comment goes through…you know, Canada is far far away. But if you are wondering about any anonymous comments, and they are good, blame it on me.☺

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    1. Yes, I agree. It’s nice to tell a story. I used to put on lots of “slide shows” many moons ago, so I enjoy doing an interesting sequence of images. Pretty soon I’ll be posting a sequence of eagle shots – stayed tuned Jude!

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