Micro Spiders

Fun Art, Insects

I recently discovered these two separate bundles of micro-spiders an hours drive from each other. Do you know their “name”? Do they remain this small or grow to be huge? They seem to like communal hugs.



22 thoughts on “Micro Spiders

  1. What a amazing shots Michael!!! You can be really proud of these! I am seriously impressed! Must say you also tickled the biological side in me with a bunch of questions as to their grown size, prey and social structure…..

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    1. I never really noticed the “small stuff” until I started doing photography again last summer. What is also amazing is how many close-ups I take with my cell phone camera – as is the case with these shots. Of course I then tune them up with photosoftware. The second image with finger as comparison – I was on a ladder 20 feet up, when I spotted this tiny moving clump – so out came the cell phone. I understand that iPhone images are not great, but my Samsung 5 is great. Of course it has a tiny sensor, but still provides 16mp images.

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    1. For now, while they are still toddlers. When they get to be adolescents, I will export them to your import/export business. You could make some serious cash if you trained them to dance around your furniture in time to Grease.

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    1. Thanks Jane – One of those flukey discoveries that I wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t usually looking for image-making opportunities – I usually don’t carry my camera around, so I’m thankful for always having my cell phone – I consider it kind of a “photo sketch pad”

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