Sweet Sailing


Stanley Park Seawall as viewed from Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver,BC



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    1. Thanks Andrew! I’ve lived in Vancouver area all my life yet this is the first time walked on that bridge b/c I wanted to get that shot of the seawall with the early evening light. So I was happy when sailboat appeared too. I took a variety of different shots – closer with all the people walking/biking and from different positions – but the light beacon spoiled the shot b/c it badly needs a wash. Maybe it will be cleaned for tourist season, and I’ll try again.

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    1. Thanks Amy – I enjoy the challenging of composing an image. I took a bunch more shots – different angle and closeups of folks on the seawall walk – but the Light Beacon was quite dirty – so they didn’t look too picturesque. I tried to tint it white but my photoshop skills fell short. Maybe the parks board will give it a wash for tourist season.

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      1. I do the very same with composition. I take my time to get it exactly as I would like it to be. I wouldn’t know what to do in PS either about tinting the Lighthouse. I’m not that proficient in there …. I learn as I go along but I know the possibilities of what can be done is mind blowing. Ya just have to know how. LOL


        1. Haha. I agree. I enjoy the editing as much as discovering+capturing images … Being able to adjust cropping, lighting etc as well as doing special effects such as monochrome
          or poster effects. I also don’t specialize in particular subjects – so I have the freedom to be equally mediocre in all subject areas!
          Here’s a recent example of silliness … https://michaelhoffmannphotography.com/2018/03/05/powerboat-options/

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