Parking Lot Reflections

Autumn, Contrasts, Reflections, Trees, Water

I drive past this playground parking lot almost daily, but have never seen it flooded. So when I drove by late one afternoon after a very heavy rain, I was intrigued by the chainlink reflections and the sweet lighting. I took these shots within a few minutes – interesting how different angles and viewpoints create different images.


8 thoughts on “Parking Lot Reflections

    1. Thanks Jane! I recently read something that “seeing” is a lot different than “looking”- I like that. Also I am getting closer to buying the Fuji XT-2 … the price is dropping slightly due to the XT-3. Which lense is your favourite? Are you thinking of getting the XT-3 as well?

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      1. Hi- Great quote and it’s certainly true. That’s great about the X-T2! The 18-55 f/2.8 Kit lens is a very good all around short zoom lens. I added two f/2 primes- the 90mm and 35mm.
        The f/2 primes are great and pretty reasonable and sturdy.

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  1. Thanks Brian – That shot has a little bit of everything – the lighting made the scene magical! Btw – I took all shots with my cell phone camera – pretty crazy eh? I’m thankful for a great editing suite.


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