Eagle Photo-Op

Birds, Candids, Eagles, Fine Art-Nature, Fishing

I love this candid shot of the 2 extremely different photographers! I took my shots just past where these folks were. I used a 300mm lens and then cropping 10% of original image. This fine eagle on the spent some time trying to remove a large dead salmon trapped in the rocks, without success. Vedder River, Chilliwack, BC is famous for Salmon fishing enthusiasts.

“Lookin’ right at You!”

“You want my profile?”

“Yes, I have serious claws, bro!”

“Come on … shake a paw!”

5 thoughts on “Eagle Photo-Op

    1. Thanks Jane! Yes, I love that shot of the 2 very diverse photographers. I’m glad I got that shot before the lady moved on – I’m not sure what the tiny eagle dot will look like on her cell phone, but she’s having fun. Half the photos I take are on my cell – always with me. I made a friendly remark to the Big Lense Guy that he found a good spot – but he totally ignored me, so I just moved to a nearby spot and took some shots handheld with my Lumix G85 which still handles so nicely even though its only 16MP and Micro 4/3s. I still haven’t bought my dream camera yet – the Fuji XT-3 …

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      1. I thought that was you. You really got some great shots handheld with your Lumix. I’ve really loved my XT-2 after switching from a Nikon D800 a few years ago. The XT-4 is out now too. I think you will be very pleased with Fuji.

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