Urban Geese

Birds, Geese, Sunsets

“Urban Geese” – Until living here, I never realized that Chilliwack, BC was a haven for Canada Geese! Almost every day you can hear them honking away as they are fly back and forth to Cultus lake and wherever … I was driving home at sunset when I heard these geese and pulled over and grabbed my camera to get these shots. You can their feet sticking out as they were landing somewhere.

7 thoughts on “Urban Geese

  1. Wonderful photos Michael. I think Canada Geese make a lot of places their haven. Back East they can be a problem because of their huge numbers. They even have goose chasers using dogs to scare them away from certain areas like shopping center, business complexes and golf courses. Here is Colorado there aren’t as many and people still look at them favorably.

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