Otter on Dock

Early one morning, I went down to this dock and saw a little family of otters swimming towards the dock. This guy was curious enough to get on board to check for any goodies, while the rest of them hid under the dock. I was quite far way, so even with a zoom I had to crop these images to get a decent composition. 

Trainless Tracks


Early Morning in Fort Langley, BC – Train Crossing

I heard that train a comin’,                                                                                                                It was comin’ down the track,                                                                                                              I had my camera ready,                                                                                                                  For the train that’s comin’ back …                                                                                                       But I waited half the mornin’,                                                                                                               And got me quite the shiver,                                                                                                                 When finally I realized that ol’ train …                                                                                                Was on the track across the river!






Lookout Tower at Mud Bay Wildlife Sanctuary with Mount Baker,Washington in the distance.



Galiano Sunrise


                       My wife enjoying the view during our recent (36th) anniversary weekend on Galiano Island.                                 (The bench seat was too wet so she sat up on the backrest)



Power Full

As you probably know by now, I enjoy occasionally tinkering with images. I usually use non-people images unless its me. I start with an interesting image, convert with a basic effect, then fine tune it until I like the result. Are there any that you like? My favourite is “glow” – providing a sense of electrical power.






“Accent Edge”




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