Highway at Dusk


Taken from the 176th St overpass – Hwy #1 approaching Vancouver. I actually rushed here to photograph the dramatic lighting on nearby northern mountains, but was too late. Then I looked  West and saw this painting in the sky!



Car Sandwich


Not sure why this was commissioned for Vancouver commuters or how much it cost the city, but it’s pretty funny! I bet the tree never envisioned a future like this – supporting the auto industry. Btw – Everyone knows that we are in an earthquake zone …

Sylvan Street Dusk


I liked the late dusk lighting and the contrasting “traditional style” with the upper row  “contemporary style” dwellings. Location is Promontory Heights, Chilliwack, BC. Taken handheld 1/15 sec, f 5.6 at 280mm (ISO 3200) the built-in lens stabilizer worked very well!

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